Plush Doll shapped Like a Joint and Filled with Cotton and Catnip. Novelty Toy. Cat Toy/Gag Gift


  • Full of catnip and cotton
  • Fun chew toy for cats, dogs like the doobie too!
  • Animal friendly design with safety in mind - made with non toxic fabric no strings and no loose parts
  • Resembles a marijuana joint, doobie, cigarette . . . college paraphernalia
  • Excellent gift for a favorite and deserving cat. Gag gift, novelty toy, stocking stuffer, white elephant,

Purr Doobie

  • This toy was made with fun and safety in mind.  It is made with nontoxic fabrics, dyes and is filled with cotton and organic catnip. It is void of any string or hard plastic parts that can hurt our little fur friends!​

    About 50% of cats respond to catnip.  Kittens generally don’t respond until they are about 6 months old.

On my 36th birthday, my friends surprised me with a cat themed party, complete with a cake topped with  cat paraphernalia. In that moment, I realized I was indeed, A CAT MAN! They all knew it, and finally, I had to admit it! I love my cats, and just want them to have the best life filled with fun, love, and cat-nip-toys. More to come!