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Your kitty-cat's new favorite

chew toy! 




This toy was made with fun and safety in mind.  It is made with nontoxic fabrics, dyes and is filled with cotton and organic catnip. It is void of any string or hard plastic parts that can hurt our little fur friends!​

About 50% of cats respond to catnip.  Kittens generally don’t respond until they are about 6 months old.


donny doll big shadow .png

My cats freaking love this! And I get such a hoot from watching her destroy Trump! I'm getting them as gifts for all my friends! 

download (2).jpg

- Caleb 




doobie no shadow.png

Purr Doobie

A plush cat toy, shaped like a joint and filled with catnip. Great gag gift for cat lovers around! 


use this.png

Donny Doll

The Donny baby doll! A catnip filled novelty toy for the cat lover in your life!